Vision & Mission

Our Promise

We invite you to discover more about our school and the education we offer. Located in Asokoro and Gudu Abuja, we have a Primary School from Pre-school to Primary 6 and a Secondary School with diverse boarding and day programmes for JSS1 to SSS3. We are an international community defined by our passion for education.

Please explore our school and contact us if you have any questions.


Our Vision

To learn, to lead, to serve; discovering the promise in our selves and the world.

Our vision and values are based on the fundamental belief that all pupils can achieve, succeed and thrive – and it is the mission of everybody at the school to ensure that this happens for each and every pupil.

In realising this mission, we recognise that, while a student’s academic performance is always central, the building of responsibility, respect for others and self-esteem, so vital for success in adulthood, comes equally from participation in the many other areas of school life. Added to this, we seek to develop in our students an appreciation of how to embrace change through maturity of outlook, breadth of thought and consideration of action, when faced with the demands of an ever-changing world.

Our Mission

Our schools seek the excellence in all of us, with passion and compassion. We are a community shaped by the pursuit of truth and goodness, providing outstanding preparation for higher learning and for life.



Every summer, Funtaj is filled with aspiring scholars, artists, explorers and performers. Funtaj Summer Camps Program provides a wide range of offerings to children.  Our summer camps are open to the public.  We welcome Funtaj and non-Funtaj students to join us in the summer time for some fun!!!

To establish the Funtaj International School as the leading private school in Nigeria and West Africa, with a reputation centred on academic excellence, internationalism, leadership, responsibility, service to others, outstanding pastoral provision and extra-curricular education. Vital to achieving this aim is the establishment of a school with a strong and effective leadership and a commitment to continual self-improvement in all areas of school life.


The Core Values

The schools have 5 core values which will guide its development towards the establishment of an international school in the global community.

  • Excellence in all we do, with high expectations and academic success.
  • Developing independent learners and individual fulfilment.
  • Creating warm friendly relations with an emphasis on multiculturalism and a strong moral code of conduct.
  • Serving and learning with the community.
  • Providing a Healthy and Safe campus with respect for the environment.

Each of these values is embedded in the daily life of the schools, providing direction to the development of individual education. In this fashion the whole child is prepared to manage self, manage relationships and manage their own learning, work and performance.